Friday, February 22, 2013

Bore da! Shw mae?
Ooooo my first blog post :-) Let me introduce myself.... I am Kate, mum of 4 children  three sons age 13, 11 and 9 and a daughter 5 soon to be 6. I've been married to my husband for 7 years in july but together for 17 years. I am a sahm mum since i left my job to become a carer for my youngest son when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes age 3, unfortunately another 3 years later my daughter was also diagnosed age 3. I won't lie its hard going, before when i knew nothing about diabetes i did not know the work that is involved. My son currently has 5 plus insulin injections a day and probably about 10 finger prick tests, same for my daughter, its not plain sailing. I will go into diabetes and symptoms in depth on a seperate blog post and about my being an avid supporter of JDRF. You're probably wondering about my blog name.... well its stating the obvious really! My eldest son plays for a local football team as left winger or striker and has done since he was 6 :-), My youngest son also plays for the same local team for under 9's in a similar position,. SO every saturday and sunday morning i spend freezing cold on a muddy pitch supporting my boys and i LOVE it! I actually hate football i wont watch it on tv it bores me rigid but i adore cheering my boys on lol. My sister calls me soccamom hahahaha. I am an avid beleiver in children being outdoors and not being couch potatos. I encourage them to do sports, they do swimming and athletics too. Although they have an xbox they are only allowed on it at weekends or maybe and hour in the evening and i don't have xbox live ... but do you know what? they don't moan about it! In fact when i say to my 9 year old go and have an hour on the xbox on your own within 10 minutes he comes downstairs and goes on with his football/bike or scooter lol. Since i had to leave my job i have retrained as a teaching assistant as i love working with children, unfortunately, my daughter has been very ill recently so i need to focus my time on her. If it wasn't for the internet i would have gone insane by now i have met such wonderful people online its unreal, dating back to 1999 and we are still in touch via facebook!  I think i am probably boring you all now .... so i will say nos da, (but will be back soon with more ramblings and reviews and complaints i expect!)