Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The dreaded clinic visit and annual bloods

I am so glad that is over with - clinic with the kids. Its always so stressful trying to remember everything and explain. I was shattered too having been awake from 4am battling to raise a hypo that didn't want to come up :-( after speaking to the dietian it turns out that the supernoodles i gave s for tea, asda have the carb content incorrectly printed on the packet and refuse to change it! GREAT thanks for that ASDA i will be complaining! To top it all off then the kids needed annual bloods done, they have never had them done in our hosp in the 6 yrs i have been going there even though i asked. While we were waiting another little boy was having his down and he was screaming the place down - my two were petrified then! BUT i have to say there were marvellous even s at 6 sat on my lap good as gold having hers done in her arm bless her. I am hoping i can continue to keep their levels good like they have been this past week, after looking at L's for june and july they were awful :-( But now he has stopped sneaking food and started to Bolus for it fingers crossed we can make things right and that i don't get made to look an awful mother anymore

Monday, July 29, 2013

Kate's irish beef stew with extras!

2 large onions, 3 cloves garlic, 2 leeks sliced, 1 large sweet potato cubed, celery sliced, whole baby carrots, whole baby button mushrooms, 500ml stock i use a knorr rich beef stock pot, 500ml red wine, cornflour mixed with a bit of cold water for thickening, tsp parsely dried, tsp thyme dried, salt and pepper. I used two packs of cubed beef i cooked them in the oven first in a little water and seasoning, i added a bit of the strained juices into the stew later on. Basically chuck in the beef and oinion fry off a little bit together and then chuck everything in and bring to the boil then simmer tastes lush x

aviva expert

I just have to blog about this godsend of a monitor! In the 6 years we have lived with type 1 diabetes this is fab! A blood glucose monitor that works out insulin! sounds simple i know. .... but its not lol. I still have to carb count all meals. But this is far better, L is taking more responsibility working it out with me and learning and his levels have been the best they have been in a long time. 


Lamb with courgettes (quick and easy freezer to fresh meal!)

This is easy for feeding a family!
Take some frozen lamb chops (very cheap to buy in a large pack already frozen in most supermarkets)
Pop them all into an ovenproof dish, drizzle over a tsp olive oil, squeeze a fresh lemon over them, add a sprinkling of frozen thyme (again bought from supermarket reduced and frozen, or in the boxes of herbs they sell) Season with celery salt which is what i use of normal seasalt and black pepper. Cover with foil and back on a low setting (gas 4)  for an hour to hour and a half .  In the meantime griddle some sliced  seasoned courgettes and add to the lamb near the end of cooking time, serve up with some cous cous :-)
Dead easy and the kids love it