Friday, August 2, 2013

front garden makeover.....

This year we decided to makeover our front garden which was very overgrown with plants and mini conifers. The reason we never bothered with it before is because our previous neighbours had horrendous massive leylandi in their front garden and the roots killed everything i had tried to plant! I had a beautiful weeping willow and it died :-(. Sadly my neighbour passed away suddenly when we were away on holiday, it was a council house so we got new tenants within weeks. The new tennants hated the trees and chainsawed them all down - hooray! SO.... we dug up all the conifers etc, dug up countless massive roots grrr, fed the soil up with chicken poo and blood and bone. We then bought some beautiful trees from the dutch garden centre an ornamental lilac, ornamental cherry and a magnolia. I was then lucky enough to win a nice voucher for gardeningexpress where i ordered a number of perennials including, stock, astilbe, heuchera palace purple, firecracker, golden queen to name but a few! Having such a lovely garden made us think we would like to now sit and admire it.... plus we get a lot of nice sun in the evening out there. Our new neighbours were doing a patio in their front garden and they offered to help us do ours :-) soooo today was spent moving the plants up a bit... and digging out a place for the new patio. A new wall is being put in tomorrow i can't wait it looks fab already! on the pics i have added you may see two bright tiled cemented on the wall - they were made by scarlett and Llewi at Cwmbran big event we loved them and wanted to keep them i think they are a lovely feature!


  1. That looks so lovely already. Where is the Dutch garden centre? I have just got the gardening bug and now you have inspired me with this post.

  2. thankyou :-) its in cardiff gate by the big b&q fabulous garden centre loads of choice

  3. Ooh will try and take a look thanks x