Monday, August 19, 2013

Raising a little awareness... BCCA (Be child cancer aware) and 4T'S symptoms for type 1 diabetes

My mind is in overdrive tonight!
There are so many things we have to worry about with being a parent.... and the last thing on our mind is our children getting ill. We are all quite used of common viruses and colds, sick bugs etc. But there comes times when it can be deadly to put it bluntly. I never for a minute thought that this would be the case with my children until my son got ill.... He was 3.5,  it was June so when he started to ask for lots of drinks i put it down to the hot weather. BUT he started to wake in the night for drinks, i caught him drinking from the tap, he had also lost a lot of weight his little shorts fell off his waist. I took him to the GP and despite me giving a urine sample etc they gave antibiotics.. after a week he was so lethargic he couldnt move his head from the sofa he was fading before my eyes. I rang the GP and took him down with yet another urine sample - when we got there it showed ketones (protein) and a blood finger prick test showed blood sugar levels of 33.... normal levels are between 4 and 7.... he got admitted to hospital there and then. That night we were given the devestating news that L had type 1 diabetes something that was to change our lives forever. The consultant said to us that most children of his age were normally admitted in a coma :-( in DKA (this is so true my eldest sons sister was in hdu for a week with dka due to undiagnosed diabetes) All i can say is as a parent trust your instincts
On the same vein I have to add my friend Sarah had a similar worry with her son T being increasingly ill. He had leukemia :-( - she caught it and he beat it! Leading sarah to start her own charity and campaign for awareness in which she is doing a sterling job
Not wanting to scare anyone but these things can happen and as a parent listen to your instincts xx

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  1. You do so well with your kids Kate, it must be such a struggle. Thanks for the info 0n the signs of Diabetes, its really good to know