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Everyone dreams of a nice win on the lottery..... i often lie in bed at night and let my mind tick over with what i would do with the money if i won.....
20k is a LOT of money i could do so much with it!! Where would i start?

Firstly.... I would donate £1000 to the local children's diabetes unit, this money would get put into paying for children to go on courses that are run by richmond house Course are run there teaching children with Type 1 diabetes how to do their own care and carb count therefore controlling their own health better. This is close to my heart as my youngest two children were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 3.
My daughter Scarlett testing her blood sugar levels herself age 3
Next on the list would be to book a holiday in Disneyland Paris :-) i would say disney florida  BUT with 4 children that would cost an absolute bomb so this would do us just fine !
Then there would be a trip to Germany Velbert to go and visit my family - sadly my aunty has dementia now but i really would love to see her again and my Uncle Karl so that he can meet my children, I went over there last year with my mum and sister. Also while there we would visit my amazing 2nd cousin Anita she is so funny and lovely and kind! She lives in Cologne with her husband. I would take my mum and dad with me too (built in babysitters too?! lol)
 My lovely family in Germany.

I would take us all clothes shopping!!! yay my favourite! I would treat us all to new clothes and shoes:-) With 3 growing boys and a daughter its not cheap and i don't get to treat them and lavish designer gear on them... I would let the boys go and choose all the hollister and blazers /vans stuff they desire. As for my daughter i'd take her into Next where she would be in clothes and shoe heaven lol!

As for the house I would do one simple thing and thats get my garden patioed tidy :-) its in dire need of doing all the slabs are raised and uneven making it unsafe for the children.

Lastly whatever is left would be put into saving accounts for the children so that when they are old enough they will have some money to help them learn to drive, set up a home etc.

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