Thursday, November 28, 2013

christmas is a creeping...

SO ..... christmas is o a countdown now its creeping up faster and faster.... I used to love this time of year as my eldest son was due christmas day! although he arrived early! After a 9 hour hideous labour.... on the 22nd december at 6.20am!  SO this december he will be 14. yes 14 years old. Its scary to me.... where on earth did 14 years go? When me and chris lived in our little 1 bed cosy flat :-) our little 5lb13oz baby... that cried with horrendous colic for 4 months what a shock to me! Now he is not a little boy, he has turned into a kevin the teen deep voice the lot :-( its all alien to me :-( nobody warned me how it would be having a teenager? He has a girlfriend who is lovely thankgod and he is doing very well in school top grades so i can't complain. Just seems like yesterday that my baby was cwtched in bed with me....  But i digress christmas was always a double celebration! and i think now he has all fo the sudden grown its not the same anymore. Although he is ace... he adores his baby sister scarlett who is 6.... she asked him if he had written his list to santa.... so he sat and wrote a dear santa one out in front of her and let her put it up the log fire :-) i love that he adores her that he keeps the magic alive :-) he knows i bawl at polar express and the bell! maybe i have done something right with him?! x

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