Friday, November 21, 2014

Being frugal.

Christmas is only 33 days away eeeeeek most people are thinking! But not me! sorry but i am one of those really smug people lol! Having 4 children and my eldest son's birthday 22nd december i need to be organized! I started to christmas shop in September to spread the cost i bought a bit here and there and hit the sainsburys half price toy sale. I bought a lot of Frozen branded items early to save dissapointment,,..... lots of lego sets from sainsburys for the boys. Aldi i have had some corker uys which i cannot yet say here lol just in case!
There are some cracking deals about at the moment.
Argos have up to £70 off tablets and half price on a lot of toys
Sainsburys have double up on nectar points which can be used on different departments electrical toys clothes etc all you need to do is go to customer service desk and say what you want to use vouchers for.
Accesorize : 25% off with Grazia
O2: priority moments app it has a lot of freebies for halfords and whsmith and good discounts i had a 25% off bargain for an xmas prezzie on there which i was thrilled with! martin is a god!
If buying on the internet don't forget to use nectar e-shops to gain points if you can or - google for free postage and codes i do this everytime i make a pruchase don't get lazy!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Diabetes and Illness just do not go :-(
Eldest son had an awful sick bug on monday.... tuesday Llewi woke with high blood sugars and ketones of 1.1... bad tummy i thought he was going to be sick too ... so kept him off - after numerous corrections /cannula change/ 120 % tbr on he came down by 2pm to bgs of 7! Yesterday Scarlett tested 22 at 4am test eek, corrected and at 7am she was still high with 2.9 ketones eek, changed cannula/corrected checked blood sugars and ketones half hrly her poor fingers :-( sat and watched ELF lol until her bgs went down and ketones went then she felt like eating. GLAD we avoided a hospital admittance...

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Insulin Pumps!

Finally after a 3 year wait, my beautiful and brave children got their Insulin pumps :-) in August of this year. They both started on Animas Vibe pumps a saline trial for a week then onto live insulin. I won't lie it was very hard for me and them. It was a massive change and after 7 years of dealing with Type 1 diabetes it was like starting all over again. With no levemir or no background insulin the risk of them going into DKA is higher. Also everything that went wrong at the start did! bent cannula, ripped out cannula, sick bug arghhhh! I had a bit of a Baptism of fire! The plus side is both children don't miss injections.... 5 a day compared to one cannula change every 3 days is ace! 
The downside has been a lot more testing their poor fingers are battered, and more night testing. Plus is that i can correct each time when the pump lets you and you know how much insulin on board. A huge bonus was at clinic HBA1C had gone down to 59 and 64 i was thrilled!!!  Its a long journey but the thought of less complications when they are older is a huge plus for me and makes it all worth it to keep them happy and healthy :-)